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Smart city



The objective of the project is to create a sustainable mobile parking reservation solution for areas with a high car concentration by improving visibility and guaranteeing parking availability across the whole Europe.


    Mobile development

    Web development

    Cloud services

    UI/UX design

    Product design

    Technology used

    React Native

    Python / Django

    Digital Ocean Cloud

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Collaboration with Xfaang was spot on from day 1. All the way from the Prototype design of UI/UX down to proposing what technology should be used for a mobile app development. UI/UX designer (Creative Director) assigned to my project was spot on and top of the class. We have figured out the way going forward very quickly, where proposals from Xfaang were absolutely great and with top notch results. Throughout the development process there was great support from Piotr on understanding why certain choices for the technologies had to be made. That being said even for non-technology jedi’s it will be easy to grasp understanding why certain things shall be chosen over others. Development team and scrums were very effective with constant and real-time communication provided, which has minimized time of development. Any next software development project in the future I will not search any place else as Xfaang is the place to go. Extremely customer oriented with a great listening and understanding of needs. 10/10.


Jakub Smykowski

Founder & CEO




    Integration with iot devices to check the availability of a parking spotOur backend, powered by Python scripts, seamlessly connects with IoT devices, overcoming device availability challenges while optimizing battery life.
    One codebase for Android and iOSUnlock cost and development optimization with a single codebase for both Android and iOS. Enjoy the flexibility of shared code and rapid deployments for efficient app development.
    Time sensitive projectStay ahead of changing business requirements with our time-sensitive project approach, enabling quick updates to landing pages and flexibility to seize new business opportunities.
    Design that makes the app to stand out from the competitionLet your app stand out in a fiercely competitive business landscape, setting you apart from market incumbents.
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    One codebase - React NativeReact Native provided a unified codebase. The obstacles were with making sure the app looks similarly on both platforms and the integrations with external services established with different APIs and different Google Play / App Store requirements.
    Outstanding design - cutting edge Creative DirectorOur highly talented creative director provided competitive design and smooth UX experience, so uPark became a MLP (Minimum Lovable Product).
    Time sensitive project - experienced and cooperative team in previous projectsThe team has implemented other projects together, so the cooperation was seamless and productive.
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  • 5 months until first release of the MVP
  • The product is finished
  • 1 satisfied client
  • App tailored to the business requirements

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