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We combine the know-how and experience of enterprise with the agility of startups, providing our clients with the ideal mix of world class technology and peace of mind.


Xfaang’s name speaks for itself, we are ex - ‘FAANG*.’ We deliver and scale software solutions for industry leaders, founders and executives. We have hands-on experience working remotely for the most influential and important projects in the world. Our services are available globally.

* FAANG is an acronym referring to the five best-performing American tech companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

End-to-end Software

The complete custom software project production, including system architecture, development, project management and quality assurance.

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  • Define your goals and project context
  • Outline the architecture and key milestones
  • Develop your product in an iterative and agile approach
  • Push to production

Xfaang Hire
& Team Extension

Hire our experts short term or let us find, recruit and on-board the best technical talent for you backed by hiring standards of the FAANG companies.

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  • Consult our experts whenever you need
  • Build and manage engineering teams
  • Hire world-class talent internally
  • Avoid the hassle of recruitment

Software Project

Thanks to our general skills we can quickly diagnose the issue in your project.

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  • Audit the past and present state
  • Prescribe and implement the remedy
  • Review results and learn from the experience
  • Share your findings with the entire organisation

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